Trend color for autumn: With this female color looks more tempting! (Photo)

Absolutely fit any skin.

It’s the red color that we’ll mostly see on the streets and showcases of boutiques during autumn and winter!

This fiery color will be represented in different shades, from the flames of red to bright, to dark and very dark, transmits Telegraph.

Fashion-makers have defined it as an absolute trend due to two undeniable reasons – the first, because it fits into any color of the tinge, from whiter to full to brittle, and the second because the red color each female looks more tempting.

Red in the next season will be all from bags and accessories to warm dresses, shoes and coats.

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Selena Gomez appears as a beautiful ray of light in yellow dress (Photo)

Immediately after her ‘live’ performance at the American Music Awards (where she debuted with blonde hair), Selena Gomez participated in a charity charity for lupus in New York on Monday, and as a dress she picked up a beautiful colored dress yellow.

Selena has been talking a lot this year about her problems with this disease, discovering in September she had been subjected to a kidney transplant because her health was worsened by the disease, Telegraph reports.

In the organization of the moon, Selena had combined the yellow dress with beautiful shoes from Calvin Klein, while her hair was arranged in the ‘cake’ style.

She was wearing a Denim Jacket on her dress to keep her warm in New York’s cool weather. / Telegraph /

Current trends of autumn / winter makeup

For a great, beautiful and caring look, use the utmost of all cosmetic products, while we will uncover some secrets that can change your appearance.

Shades of Metallic Eye

Metallic shine tones are present everywhere in the fashion world! Metallic eye shadows fit every woman. The skin’s tender skin responds more to the shades of silver, while the darker skin (brunette), the golden nuance.

Also, eye color plays a major role in selecting the perfect metal look. For example, if, on the one hand, green tones highlight brown eyes, on the other hand blue eyes shine more with blue tones. Eye makeup should not be too pronounced. If you make the eye line (eyeliner) and the shadow of the eye with the same color, this leaves a quick impression on an artificial look.

Attention: With this view, the lips must be sleek, transmits the Telegraph.


They should not be ignored! Eyebrows have a central role as an element of beauty. They should be adjusted with the pearl of the eyebrows or with the puddle of the eyebrows.

First, the optimal start and end of the eyebrow should be determined. This is easily done with the brush. It is placed horizontally in the inner corner of the eye and just above this angle begins (ideal shape) the eyebrow. Then it is placed in the outer corner of the eye and is oriented towards the nose. The brush handle precisely marks the eyebrow closure.

Caution: The eyebrows too much are ‘out’! The most complete eyebrow with beautiful shape is a complete accent!

Blurry lips

Blurry lips are the trend of this winter season! This view is conducive to full-bodied women, because its effect presents the lows most and the woman in general, the most serious.

Lips should be smooth and well maintained. They should also be carefully painted because any irregularities are noticed. The lipstick is applied with a brush, covered with powder and is again given a layer with lipstick. Thus, the color stays much longer.

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The key to the success of the most beloved actress: The simple way to look youthful!

Her youthful appearance during her many years of career beauty Julia keeps her with some relatively simple tricks.

One of the most beloved actresses, 50-year-old Julia Roberts, has uncovered the secret of her youthful appearance and why she avoids social networks.

When it comes to the skin cure, Julia does not mention expensive creams and treatments, the Telegraph reports.

“Water is everything,” says Julia, and adds that she has a very important role to sleep, which for most mothers is the greatest luxury.

The Hollywood star has also mentioned social networks that he avoids and has discovered that he is averse to the “narcissistic nature of self”.

We have become culture that is so self-reflective and so self-promotive that every measure passes, says Julia.

“With a bit of complacency we would have deserved more admiration,” she added. / Telegraph /

Metallic effect tones

Cold weather brings us many of the novelties of gold, coffee, chocolate, bronze and silver for the eyes.

The world of beauty has turned a new look and has changed colors, preferring metal and light reflexes.

While the bumpers do not hesitate to play with intense shades of brass and metallic colors; this trend offers a variety of alternative use and corresponds to that of the daily, transmeton Telegrafi.

Dior has realized a whole line dedicated to grime, named Mystic Metallics, a collection built on the power of chromatic viola and green reflections.

Essence has given birth to many collections in these shades, while for Estee Lauder, the favorite colors are the sky, the green and the warm tones of the earth. / Telegraph /

Configure to wear a pullover dress: Ideal combinations of cool day dresses

Wearing cool days that can go with everything and at any time is a pullover dress that many of the popular fashion girls have picked since early fall.

For the cool time, rain time, to be as stylish as you need, you should not think long – a pullover dress always solves the question of “what to wear?”

However, there are many of us who are confused to find the right combination, and often think it’s an unnamed dress: are you wearing a sweater or wearing a dress?

If you still have doubts about the ideal winter selection, try these combinations. With long boots, coats, but also with shoes. Guxo more cold days.

Turning back from each other, the happiest couples are sleeping

Pairs usually sleep back with each other, while the ones who are more likely to sleep with each other are happy. However, even happier are those who sleep closer to each other.

The sleeping position reveals how strong and happy your relationship is, the researchers at the University of Hertfordshire have found in a study of 1,100 people.

More than half of the couples sleeping with each other are happy, but 74 percent of them sleep backward, while the happiest are those couples which are touched by the back or sleeping embrace.

Couples often sleep back with each other, one-third of them are back in the same direction, while only 4 percent sleep backward, Telegraph reports.

About 34 percent of couples sleep very close to each other and are affected, while almost 12 percent of them distance from each other just 2.5 centimeters. Among those who embrace are happy those couples sleeping with each other back.

Almost 94 percent who are touched during sleep are happy and satisfied with their relationship, while 68 percent think that they sleep in a position they have no contact with in their sleeping position.

Previous research has found that people who sleep in the fetal position are undecided, and have a tendency to just criticize.

Sleeping on the back is related to honest and confident people, while those who sleep in the abdomen are perfectionists.

People who sleep with half-knees are ready for reconciliation and compromise. / Telegraph /  

Truk with a glass of water that reveals what quality your hair has

As soon as they are torn, crushed and shiny, it is clear that your hair is not healthy. But have you ever wondered what their structure is ?

This will now reveal you.

All you have to do is get the tip of the hair curler, immerse it in a glass of water. If the hair floats on the surface, it means that your hair is in good shape.

The opposite of this, if your hair falls at the bottom of the glass, it is indicative that the hair is capable of “high porosity”. Correspondingly, the hair is weak and volatile to external influences, the Telegraph reports.

Why do the hair sink?

The reason why this happens is that the water penetrates through the outer layer of the hair, while it leads to the hair falling under the influence of water or the moisture of the weave, to lose the brightness, but often the color fades.

How to improve the quality of hair?

If you want to improve the quality completely, you should change your food, but also that your hair “feed” with masks, which you can do yourself.

Following is the excellent mask that will certainly improve your hair.

Shake the egg whites, add two tablespoons of yogurt, two tablespoons of pressed avocado, a half teaspoonful kiwi, two teaspoons of honey and five to eight drops of essential rosemary oil.

Mix ingredients, put on hair and leave the mask to operate for 20 minutes. Then rinse with cold water. / Telegraph /

The secrets of French beauty that you have to apply from this moment

French girls always knew to take care of themselves! They are known for their beautiful appearance and style.

Let’s accept – we all want a skin-free skin, wonderful hair and perfect make-up, the Telegraph reports.

Considering these, the French beauty brand ‘Bourjois’ explains what French girls do to look so good.

The simpler, the nicest

The French have perfected the art of putting a little (almost) a makijazh. Therefore, rather than dedicating yourself to shortening, follow the advice of French girls and focus on a single characteristic. So, if you are planning to adjust your eyes, then leave your lips in natural color. Or if you are lining your lips with a light color, then make your face look just a mascara layer.

Perfume is everything!

In France you are not completely dressed until you have absorbed your body in perfume. It is important to choose a scent that you will always put on and be the perfume that identifies you as a person.

Leave natural hair

Just as if they prefer mini-makijazhin as much as possible, French girls also prefer natural hair.

Make facial massage every day

An anti-aging secret of French girls is to make facials daily because they increase blood circulation and prevent premature wrinkles. / Telegraph /

Ways to Eliminate Dogs Under Eye

Nowadays it is impossible to have a natural look, because of the excessive use of technology and computer, however, we have some tips to avoid swelling, redness and shaping of eye bags.

Cold water

A cold water rinse would be the best solution for the cages under the eyes. It stops skin blowing and facial cleansing with cold water not only wakes you up and helps prevent the cages, but also makes your skin look very clean and fresh.


This is an eye-catching, worldwide known, and is very effective, smoothing, freshening and hydrating the skin under the eyes. However, it will not have any great effect if used in blinds, which are placed over the eyes, as we are used to seeing in various television commercials. Instead, squeeze in order to use its fluid.

Tea bags

The main ingredient of green tea is caffeine and various acids that have an effect on the elimination of the eyelids and the freshness of the skin. This way the body can also benefit from tea and skin due to tea bags placed over the eyes, just like cucumbers.

Sleeping enough

We all know that the formation of the sacs is about fatigue and lack of sleep. The fastest way to eliminate them is through ample sleep and rest. / Telegraph /