Current trends of autumn / winter makeup

For a great, beautiful and caring look, use the utmost of all cosmetic products, while we will uncover some secrets that can change your appearance.

Shades of Metallic Eye

Metallic shine tones are present everywhere in the fashion world! Metallic eye shadows fit every woman. The skin’s tender skin responds more to the shades of silver, while the darker skin (brunette), the golden nuance.

Also, eye color plays a major role in selecting the perfect metal look. For example, if, on the one hand, green tones highlight brown eyes, on the other hand blue eyes shine more with blue tones. Eye makeup should not be too pronounced. If you make the eye line (eyeliner) and the shadow of the eye with the same color, this leaves a quick impression on an artificial look.

Attention: With this view, the lips must be sleek, transmits the Telegraph.


They should not be ignored! Eyebrows have a central role as an element of beauty. They should be adjusted with the pearl of the eyebrows or with the puddle of the eyebrows.

First, the optimal start and end of the eyebrow should be determined. This is easily done with the brush. It is placed horizontally in the inner corner of the eye and just above this angle begins (ideal shape) the eyebrow. Then it is placed in the outer corner of the eye and is oriented towards the nose. The brush handle precisely marks the eyebrow closure.

Caution: The eyebrows too much are ‘out’! The most complete eyebrow with beautiful shape is a complete accent!

Blurry lips

Blurry lips are the trend of this winter season! This view is conducive to full-bodied women, because its effect presents the lows most and the woman in general, the most serious.

Lips should be smooth and well maintained. They should also be carefully painted because any irregularities are noticed. The lipstick is applied with a brush, covered with powder and is again given a layer with lipstick. Thus, the color stays much longer.

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