The key to the success of the most beloved actress: The simple way to look youthful!

Her youthful appearance during her many years of career beauty Julia keeps her with some relatively simple tricks.

One of the most beloved actresses, 50-year-old Julia Roberts, has uncovered the secret of her youthful appearance and why she avoids social networks.

When it comes to the skin cure, Julia does not mention expensive creams and treatments, the Telegraph reports.

“Water is everything,” says Julia, and adds that she has a very important role to sleep, which for most mothers is the greatest luxury.

The Hollywood star has also mentioned social networks that he avoids and has discovered that he is averse to the “narcissistic nature of self”.

We have become culture that is so self-reflective and so self-promotive that every measure passes, says Julia.

“With a bit of complacency we would have deserved more admiration,” she added. / Telegraph /

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