The secrets of French beauty that you have to apply from this moment

French girls always knew to take care of themselves! They are known for their beautiful appearance and style.

Let’s accept – we all want a skin-free skin, wonderful hair and perfect make-up, the Telegraph reports.

Considering these, the French beauty brand ‘Bourjois’ explains what French girls do to look so good.

The simpler, the nicest

The French have perfected the art of putting a little (almost) a makijazh. Therefore, rather than dedicating yourself to shortening, follow the advice of French girls and focus on a single characteristic. So, if you are planning to adjust your eyes, then leave your lips in natural color. Or if you are lining your lips with a light color, then make your face look just a mascara layer.

Perfume is everything!

In France you are not completely dressed until you have absorbed your body in perfume. It is important to choose a scent that you will always put on and be the perfume that identifies you as a person.

Leave natural hair

Just as if they prefer mini-makijazhin as much as possible, French girls also prefer natural hair.

Make facial massage every day

An anti-aging secret of French girls is to make facials daily because they increase blood circulation and prevent premature wrinkles. / Telegraph /

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