Turning back from each other, the happiest couples are sleeping

Pairs usually sleep back with each other, while the ones who are more likely to sleep with each other are happy. However, even happier are those who sleep closer to each other.

The sleeping position reveals how strong and happy your relationship is, the researchers at the University of Hertfordshire have found in a study of 1,100 people.

More than half of the couples sleeping with each other are happy, but 74 percent of them sleep backward, while the happiest are those couples which are touched by the back or sleeping embrace.

Couples often sleep back with each other, one-third of them are back in the same direction, while only 4 percent sleep backward, Telegraph reports.

About 34 percent of couples sleep very close to each other and are affected, while almost 12 percent of them distance from each other just 2.5 centimeters. Among those who embrace are happy those couples sleeping with each other back.

Almost 94 percent who are touched during sleep are happy and satisfied with their relationship, while 68 percent think that they sleep in a position they have no contact with in their sleeping position.

Previous research has found that people who sleep in the fetal position are undecided, and have a tendency to just criticize.

Sleeping on the back is related to honest and confident people, while those who sleep in the abdomen are perfectionists.

People who sleep with half-knees are ready for reconciliation and compromise. / Telegraph /  

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