Ways to Eliminate Dogs Under Eye

Nowadays it is impossible to have a natural look, because of the excessive use of technology and computer, however, we have some tips to avoid swelling, redness and shaping of eye bags.

Cold water

A cold water rinse would be the best solution for the cages under the eyes. It stops skin blowing and facial cleansing with cold water not only wakes you up and helps prevent the cages, but also makes your skin look very clean and fresh.


This is an eye-catching, worldwide known, and is very effective, smoothing, freshening and hydrating the skin under the eyes. However, it will not have any great effect if used in blinds, which are placed over the eyes, as we are used to seeing in various television commercials. Instead, squeeze in order to use its fluid.

Tea bags

The main ingredient of green tea is caffeine and various acids that have an effect on the elimination of the eyelids and the freshness of the skin. This way the body can also benefit from tea and skin due to tea bags placed over the eyes, just like cucumbers.

Sleeping enough

We all know that the formation of the sacs is about fatigue and lack of sleep. The fastest way to eliminate them is through ample sleep and rest. / Telegraph /

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