Adolescents with depression due to social networks

Five days of phone-in-hand and computer research are nothing unusual for adolescents, but it’s just a risk of getting depressed.

This is how the researchers of the University of San Diego have compared the symptoms of this disease with the use of social networks, reports Telegraph.

The study included 133,000 teenagers who answered the question of how often electronic devices are used when it is discovered that young girls are the most vulnerable category.

Those at risk for depression and suicide have increased for 71 percent.

The results clearly show that cell phones and social networks have the greatest impact on young girls than boys.

The cause is surely that the electronic gadgets (mobiles and computers) use for games.

Girls are very preoccupied with popularity and social status, but now it can be measured with the likes and numbers of followers on Facebook and Instagram, so they evaluate themselves based on like and followers.

The head of the study, dr. Jen Twenge and adds that increasing the number of adolescents with mental problems is worrying. / Telegraph /

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