Signs that show that your partner is betraying you

We all sometimes worry about whether the partner is betraying us, and that’s a normal thing.

So, from time to time, start worrying that your partner is not 100% loyal, and mostly small things make you think so, reports Telegraph.

Whether the partner starts to be delayed after work, does not respond to calls, or begins to act weird.

All this is enough to convince you that he is betraying you.

However, how do you know if it really is betrayal?

Experts have shown top ten signs of which you should be careful:

– It cares more about privacy (for mobile, emails, social networks, etc.)

– Keeps distance from you and avoids eye contact

– Start to pay more attention to physical appearance: better dressed, perfumed, etc.

– It does not behave in a ‘normal’ way: it does not care about family matters, it focuses only on other things

– He makes a shower in late hours

– There are perfume signs or lipstick in clothes. / Telegraph /

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