Sleeping habits of the most successful people in the world

Here is a riddle for you: What is something that every man is satisfied with, but you never get satiated with it? Surely you know the answer based on the title of the article – the word is for sleep!

We all know that sleep is healthy for humans, but in this article we will discuss the sleeping habits of successful people, the Telegraph reports.

Let’s start with a simple question: What does it take for success? Well, although the answer is longer, we can all agree that briefly some of the principles of success are: energy, thought, and health. And, apparently, adequate sleep is the most important activity to maintain their function.

Sleep is so important that successful companies across the world now have special rooms where workers can take a nap. One of them is ‘ Google’ – the technology giant.

In photos: Google’s sleeping room workers

“Sleeping early and early  awakening makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise” ~Benjamin Franklin.

We are fascinated by the lifestyle of successful people. Many articles have been written about what such people eat, what they read, and yes, how they sleep.

While some successful people have strange sleep habits, most of them have a fixed schedule of sleeping and waking up. One such case is Benjamin Franklin who slept at 22:00 and was awake at 5:00.


1. Spend at 01:00 am
According to various sources that have compiled the sleeping habits of 21 successful people – from Barack Obama to Elon Musk – about 95 percent sleep at 01:00. (Winston Churchill had been awake until 03:00)!

In photo: Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister who was awake until 03:00