The blood group determines the temperament, character, and life partner finding

The four blood groups – A, B, AB and O – can talk a lot about an individual.

In some places it is widespread that people determine one’s personality. As believed in Japan, people with A blood group are sensitive, perfectionists and good team players, but far too anxious.

People who have the O blood group are curious and generous, but also stubborn, AB group members are mysterious and unpredictable, while those with group B happy but also eccentric, individualist and selfish.

Group O

If your blood group is O, then you should know that you belong to people who are very sociable, always surrounded by society, communicable and without complexity. You are creative and you like being in the spotlight.

Get in touch with the good impression you make at the first meetings and if you are a female, then men consider you very attractive, even though you are not part of the classic beauty standards. On the other hand, you are quite organized and stubborn to reach wherever you are aiming. You are a born leader.

In love, adjust to the O or AB groups.
As far as career, politics, public relations or sport are the most appropriate areas.

Grupi A

If your blood group is A, you may be a smooth and superficial type, but in fact you are full of anxieties and worries. You are introverted, with a logical mind. You are a serious person who holds promises and works honestly.

Though you do not like to talk about yourself, you are willing to listen to the problems of others. You are romantic type and often find shelter in a virtual world when reality bother you.

In love, adjust to groups A or AB.
In your career you are very convenient as nature and affairs relating to figures or books in general.

Group B

Women belonging to this group are very ambitious and never give up what they want. They are extraversion, invasion, and enjoy an extraordinary intuition to ‘read’ others at first glance. They are also born psychologists.

If you belong to this blood group, you are all fixed so that you can get nervous to others. Be optimistic, strong, but your weak point remains impulsive.

In love, adjust to groups A or AB.
In career, suitable for you are areas that require a dose of creativity: cook, grinder, hairdresser or journalist.

Grupi AB

If you belong to the AB blood group, then you may have a dual personality, which summarizes the characteristics of groups A and B. Sometimes you are shy, other times more brave, sometimes complex, other times safer in itself. Usually, your personality comes to the surface with or without your desire.

You do not like labels, uniforms and go very well with others. People with this blood group are trustworthy and prefer to help others. Have patience, are intelligent and focused on their plans.

In love, adjust any other blood group.
In career, you can be a teacher and work in the field of sales, social assistant or lawyer.

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