What are the consequences of sleeping in the back, arm and abdomen (Video)

Rarely are those who sleep only in a pose, but each one has its favorite pose in which it spends most of the night.

Physician Janet Kennedy finds out which pose is the best, which is worst, reports Telegraph.

Dr. Janet Kennedy has discovered the consequences of the people’s sleeping places – in the back, in the arm and in the abdomen.

She says that just sleeping on the belly variant is worse , because it creates unpleasant pressure on the neck and spine.

Sleep on the stomach causes extra pressure on the joints and muscles, which can cause pain, tingling sensation, and numbness of the limbs.

It can help put the pillow under your head , but this is not a desirable place to sleep.

Kennedy adds that the backbone is best for sleeping on the back, but this pose adds chances of snoring and, if you have problems with it, do not sleep on your back.

Sleeping in the back stimulates the circulation of blood in the brain. The back, neck and shoulders are in a neutral position, and in this way you will reduce the chance of back pain.

Eventually the best poses this doctor has singled out – sleeping in the arm.

In this case, the respiratory ducts are open, so this position is the best choice for people who have apnea (sleeping disorder) and those who sniff.

This pose can also be a problem for the spine, but this can be solved by putting the pillow between the knees so that the spine is right.

People who sleep in the arm have no reason to worry, especially if they sleep in the left arm.

The best way is to try to sleep in a certain position because you will slowly learn the body with a new sleeping position, and after a while it will become a position where you will spend most of your time night.

Unfortunately, we can not control the position on which we sleep, but we can gradually put our sleep routine in a certain position. / Telegraph /

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