Why there are small holes in the airplane windows

If you ever ride on the plane, chances are you’ve looked out the window and you have noticed a small hole at the bottom of the window.

This feature may not hinder many passengers, but when you are flying in the air with great speed and height, you probably fear or feel a bit worried about that little hole, the Telegraph reports.

However, you do not need to be afraid anymore because the mosque will not break. And yes, every window in the plane has the same hole.

This hole is known as the “breathing hole” and to understand its function, it is important to understand how the window is working.

Made of acrylic material, the airplane window has three glass or layers. The outer, middle and inner glass. The breathing hole is blown in the middle glass. Along with the outside glass, the middle window window is the most important layer of the window.

When the airplane rises in the air, the air intake inside and outside the cabin drops. In order to breathe inside the airplane, the pressure inside the cabin must be maintained.

Therefore, the hole in the window is used to adjust the amount of pressure that passes between the inner and outer layers of the window.

According to ‘ Travel and Leiusre’ , the breathing hole is there to make sure the outer layer carries the greatest pressure. If something unexpected happens, the outer layer is the only one removed from the plane and so the passengers on the plane continue breathing freely.

Also, the other goal of the hole is to remove mist, condensation and other things that affect the appearance. By allowing the warm air to penetrate between the two layers, the black hole ensures that the airplane is ready for any kind of climate. / Telegraph /

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