Words you should not use in a job interview

One word has the power to change the whole meaning of what you want to tell a person. So what if that person is your interviewer?

All your efforts, ranging from finding a job vacancy, sending a CV, waiting for an interview call, etc., can go down if you say a word you do not need, the Telegraph reports.

For example, if you use the word “ummm” during a job interview, this makes you look less educated.

In addition, some people do not even know that the use of the word “in a way” in an interview makes them sound like teenagers. If you want to sound confident, then you have to replace this word with “yes” and “no”.


Never try to glorify your powers by using this word that is very much used. The interviewer is not stupid and can easily recognize your skills and powers.


You often tend to use this word to imply positivists. But sometimes you can exaggerate things by using this. Take a few minutes before using this word to find out if you really need it.


Never give a monosyllabic answer as “Yes” or “No” even when the question is straightforward and straightforward. Suppose that the answer is no, but that does not mean that you need to stop by just a short and cold response.

For example, if someone asks you “Do you know how to use Excel,” you have to say, “Oh, I have not had the opportunity to learn yet.”


You can not understand the negative impact that this word has. Once you use this word during a job interview, you enter the category of endangered candidates. Therefore, try to avoid this at all costs. / Telegraph /

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